Welcome to the Exporter Zone of the Investor and Exporter Service Department of DAWG. The Department of Investor and Exporter Assistance (DOIiE) provides comprehensive services to exporters and entrepreneurs who intend to start exporting. DOIiE is a project created on the basis of a systemic programme of the Minister of Economy, which the Agency has been carrying out since 2012. It is an important element of DAWG's activity, shaping entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, as well as influencing equal economic opportunities in Lower Silesia.

Our task is to increase the level of internationalization of Lower Silesian companies through comprehensive services concerning planning, organizing and carrying out export and investment outside Poland as well as up-to-date and extensive information on conditions of access to foreign markets and functioning on selected markets

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Our activities are supported by:

  • Ministry of Economy
  • Polish Investment and Trade Agency
  • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
  • Lower Silesia Regional Office in Brussels
  • Wirtschaftsförderungn Sachsen GmbH
  • Foreign Trade Offices of PAIH

We offer exporters and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to new, international markets:

  • teleaddress component from compass database
  • access to information library
  • organization of economic missions
  • organisation of training
  • matchmaking
  • counterparty checking
  • Target market analysis for the product/service
  • developing an export development strategy
  • export consulting
  • attendance at trade shows
  • marketing in foreign markets
  • preparation of grant applications

For years, the Lower Silesian Voivodeship has been one of the three largest exporters in Poland, after the Silesian and Masovian Voivodeships. A dozen or so companies classified in the ranking of the 100 largest Polish exporters of 2014 are located in the region, and the share of Lower Silesia in the national export has remained at 12% for several years. The mining industry plays a very important role in the region's exports. From the Lower Silesian Voivodship 85% of Polish copper and copper articles, almost three quarters of Polish stones and precious metals and products made of them are sent abroad. These goods account for a quarter of Lower Silesia's total exports.

  • machinery and mechanical equipment, including refrigerators, dishwashers, boilers and their parts - 20% of the province's exports,
  • electrical and electronic machinery and equipment, including small appliances, electric stoves, televisions, cameras and parts - 18%, 
  • non-rail vehicles, their parts and accessories - 9%, 
  • furniture, mattresses - 5 %.
  • Germany - 36% of the voivodeship's exports, 
  • Czech Republic - 9%, 
  • France - 8%, 
  • United Kingdom - 8%, 
  • Italy - 4%, 
  • China - 4%, 
  • USA, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt - less than 4% of the voivodeship's exports.

Exports in Lower Silesia are mainly based on large companies - the value of goods sold by them accounts for about 65% of exports from Lower Silesia. However, the fact that ca. 11%, i.e. 36 thousand micro and small companies from the voivodship export their products is extremely important. It is the second result in the country - after Opole Voivodeship - with the average for Poland amounting to 7%. Also Wrocław itself, after Warsaw, is the second city that contributes most to the development of this dynamic field of economy. The main sales market for Lower Silesian companies is Germany with which as many as 69% of exporters trade. Other countries where exports are higher than the national average are: Great Britain, France. For exporters from Lower Silesia, the Scandinavian and Czech markets are less important. However, a large difference in export between the groups of counties is characteristic for Lower Silesia. The largest number of exporting companies is in Wrocław itself - as much as 15%. The least in the Legnica-Głogów subregion, only 3%. This is the second, after the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, largest stratification on a national scale.

Polish companies are more and more courageous when it comes to thinking about foreign markets. Domestic exporters are beginning to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities offered not only by the European Union countries, but above all by developing countries outside the CIS - Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. According to the Central Statistical Office, after 5 months of 2015, the export of goods from Poland reached 72 billion euros, which is 6.2 percent higher than the year before. Foreign sales are increasing despite the problems on the Eastern markets. This trend has continued for more than a dozen years, with a short break for the crisis in 2008-2009. Since 2000, the ratio of Polish exports to GDP has doubled and now amounts to almost 40 percent.

Most Polish goods go to the European Union markets. They received 9.4 percent more goods than in 2014, and their share in total sales abroad increased to 79.4 percent. Among the more important EU countries, exports to the Netherlands (by 20.4 percent), Spain (by 18.8 percent), the Czech Republic (by 12.5 percent), the United Kingdom (by 12.1 percent), Italy (by 12 percent), Slovakia (by 10.2 percent) and Hungary (by 6.8 percent) increased the fastest. However, our largest customer in EU countries is still Germany, where sales increased by 8.5 percent year-on-year. Among developed countries, apart from the EU and EFTA, export growth was recorded in the USA (by over 20 percent), Canada (by 7 percent), and South Africa (by almost 16 percent).

Closing access to some markets in the East resulted in a decrease in exports by about 27 percent to CIS countries, but there are new opportunities for Polish companies - markets of developing countries outside the CIS. Already now we can see acceleration of sales and dynamic increase in exports to Turkey (41.6% increase compared to last year), China (16.4%), United Arab Emirates (10.2%), Saudi Arabia (53.6%) and Mexico (66.7%). Goods in greatest demand, whose sales are growing faster than average, are wood and paper products, light industry, ceramics, and electrical machinery products, which dominate Polish foreign trade.

This trend shows that Poland has a chance to aspire to the role of one of the most important European exporters, which matches the quality of its goods with world brands. According to the Minister of Economy, exports, which account for nearly 40 percent of Polish GDP, may increase even up to 60 percent in 2020. Achieving such indicators is a necessary condition for Poland to permanently join the group of developed countries and for our economy to remain competitive in the globalizing world. Therefore, emphasis should be placed on its internationalization and promotion in the world. This is to be achieved, among other things, through initiatives of the Ministry of Economy which intends to coordinate activities promoting the Polish economy conducted by central and regional authorities, business organizations and NGOs, and to present it to the world. However, an important role will be played by local initiatives to support exports, carried out under the aegis of voivodship marshals and emphasising the development of regional entrepreneurship and exports on the basis of development strategies based on intelligent specialisations of regions.

In the coming years, exports will be the driving force of the Polish economy. The potential is huge, but in order for Polish entrepreneurs to succeed, it is necessary to know how to become a global company and which export markets to target in the future, as well as to support exporters in their operations through government programs and institutions specializing in comprehensive support for sales outside the country. Europe is now a single large market to which DAWG Sp. z o.o. as the coordinator of the "Entrepreneurs without borders" program will give Lower Silesian companies from the SME sector unlimited access. In addition, an important element of export diversification and balancing the still strong position of the EU and European markets in the trade structure can be the sale of industrial products to non-European markets, which currently account for more than 1/6 of Polish exports of machinery, equipment and industrial goods. This is also an area of activity for DAWG, which is supported by partners with many years of experience in this field.
Taking into account the above aspects, as well as the directions of the voivodeship development indicated by the self-government in the Regional Innovation Strategy valid until 2020, the development of export is determined by: searching for new markets for Lower Silesian entrepreneurs, the development of companies by using their export potential, pro-export education and promotion, as well as the involvement in the export of enterprises encompassing the Regional Intelligent Specialisation, which are the potential development areas of Lower Silesia, i.e. natural resources and advanced materials, machinery production and metal processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, spatial mobility and ICT: natural resources and advanced materials, functional food and nutraceuticals, machinery and equipment manufacturing, metal processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, spatial mobility and ICT.
DAWG Investor and Exporter Assistance Department aims to increase the level of internationalization of Lower Silesian companies by facilitating entrepreneurs' access to comprehensive, high-quality services necessary for planning, organizing and implementing export and/or investment outside Poland. The services include: access to a library of information, organization of economic missions, organization of training courses, matching partners, checking contractors, analyzing the target market for products/services, developing export development strategies, export consulting, participation in trade fairs and marketing on foreign markets.

  • identification of the market for a given type of product/service and investment outside Poland
  • searching for business partners at home and abroad
  • market information: reports on foreign markets, sectoral studies, administrative, legal and financial information, security of economic transactions, business activity in foreign markets, foreign investments, rules for opening branches and representative offices

Jako spółka Samorządu Województwa, Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej Sp. z o.o. wspólnie z Radą ds. współpracy z zagranicą rozpoczęła prace nad utworzeniem bazy innowacyjnych i najbardziej konkurencyjnych dolnośląskich przedsiębiorstw będących liderami w swoim sektorze rynkowym. Zadanie to ma na celu wspieranie dolnośląskiego eksportu i pomoc firmom z regionu w działalności poza granicami Polski, wypromowanie przedsiębiorstw na rynkach globalnych oraz promocję rozwoju innowacyjnego Dolnego Śląska.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit your company to the database of innovative enterprises of our region
Serdecznie prosimy o wypełnienie załączonego dokumentu „KARTA PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWA/PRODUKTU INNOWACYJNEGO”. Skan Karty proszę wysyłać na adres: coie@dawg.pl

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If you have any questions, please contact the Investor and Exporter Assistance Department of DAWG, tel.: 71 73 66 307, 71 73 66 311

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