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eu projects

Poland is currently the biggest beneficiary of EU Funds that offer domestic and foreign investors planning to start or expand their business in Poland numerous opportunities to apply for cash grants or alternative forms of support such as preferential loans from European Union sources. Cash grants are given for a defined investment project upon tenders or other qualification procedures (depending on the support scheme). Subsidies from EU funds are subjected to the general limits of state aid a company may receive (see the information on regional aid in the Investment incentives section).

EU Funds are allocated under long term financial perspectives, the current one for years 2014 – 2020 allocates for Poland about 82,5 billion Euro, which will be spent i.e. on education and researches, development of infrastructure and entrepreneurship, digitalization of Poland and vocational activation. Poland is currently negotiating with the European Commission the allocation of funds into particular national operating programs. Part of the EU funds will be probably distributed under the following Operational Programs:


Allocated funds

in 2014-2020

(bilion eur)

Infrastructure and Environment 27,41
Intelligent Development 8,61
Knowledge, Education, Development 4,69
Digital Poland 2,17
Eastern Poland 2,00
Technical Assistance 0,70


Each of the above programs has its own support priorities and schemes for distribution of funds. Please contacts us if you wish to be acquainted with potential support from EU Funds for your investment project.

Poland is one of the biggest beneficiaries of recent negotiations with increases in funds for both cohesion and agriculture. Poland, as the largest developing country in the EU, collects the bulk of the funds from the cohesion policy.

Source: KPRM, Conclusions of the European Council. Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020.


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