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investment incentives

Lower Silesia is very attractive for foreign investors. The regional policy is directed for facilitations of access into Polish market for foreign investors. Politics of organs of self-government is purposeful on a facilitation to the foreign investors of entrance to our market. The largest world corporation have built here their own factories. This is the evidence of great confidence and persuasion that Lower Silesia is not only attractive place for factories establishment but also the region with high level of residents professional qualification.

During last 20 years the Lower Silesia is one of the leaders of Poland economic ratings. According to Institute of Market Economy Research, Lower Silesian region during years holds the first places as for investment attractiveness and quality of life. The highest estimation were achieved by such factors as: investors activity, transport availability, economic infrastructure, public infrastructure. From the point of view of attractiveness for the technologically developed activity, the region was classified onto 5th place. It’s advantages are also: large number of students, access for developed transportation system, developed network of business support units, great possibilities for investment in SEZ, developed business, public infrastructure and extrarordinary productivity of work and advantageous structure of economy.
Lower Silesia offers for the foreign companies numbers of investment incentives. One of many possibilities is location of investment at the territory of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is part of Polish territory which is administered separately, allocated for the running of businesses on preferential terms. The SEZ is a place which is subject to special treatment and tax exemptions where an entrepreneur can establish a business on a specially prepared site and run it without paying income tax.

In Lower Silesia three SEZ are operating:

  • Walbrzych Special Economic Zone „INVEST-PARK”
  • Legnica Special Economic Zone 
  • Special Economic Zone for Small Business

There is also the only SEZ which is out the territory of Lower Silesia - Sub-Zone of Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone with surface area - 1632.31 ha



Lower Silesian Investor and Exporter Support Centre DAWG
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